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Private Ltd
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IT/Communications -- Others

Accounts Receivable Executive

1-5 Years

Omnex India Pvt Ltd

·        Create a list of Client/Customer/Company who havenot made payments.

·        Collect payments on past due bills.

·        Organize list according to severity of delinquency.

·        Call Client using telephone.

·        Email/Letter follow up for payment.

·        Inform clients of overdue accounts and amount currently owed.

·        Attempt to collect payment.

·        Ensure all client information is correct, including phone numbers and addresses.

·        Set up repayment plans and new terms.

·        Initiate repossession proceedings or hand overaccount to law practice that specializes in debt collection. (If needed).

·        Print reports for management.

·        Maintain the MIS day to day.


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Omnex India Pvt Ltd

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