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Media Specialist

0-2 Years

The Leadsense

Role:Media Sales Specialist 

Job Description

  • Reachingprospects online using social media sites like LinkedIn and tools like E-mail ,Skype and web chat and other platforms.

  • Explainingonline advertising opportunities and convince the prospective advertiser.

  • Needto have strong negotiation skills.

  • Relationshipmanagement with the clients is a must. Need to have good communication skillsin

  • Englishto interact with the international clients over E-mail and Skype Phone is not amedium of communication in our company.

  • Musthave the drive to achieve targets and also be a good team player.


  • NonGraduates/Graduates, with minimum 6 months to 2 years’ experience inInternational / domestic process in sales, collections / customer serviceenvironment.

  • Mustsign a minimum 1 year contract with the company

  • Adhereto timings and maintain discipline at work place and must actively involve withthe team members to achieve the target.

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The Leadsense

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