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Private Ltd
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Administration -- Assistant Director

Med-Tech, IT, Marketing, Restaurant, Education or Animation knowledge working partnes

1-10 Years


Are you Passionate, having spirit to becomean entrepreneur?

Is Investment your constraint?                      

Do you have any one domain knowledge in Med-Tech, IT, Marketing,Restaurant, Education or Animation knowledge or experience?


NO hidden fee, No Investment, A chance to become aworking partner now!


Areyou willing to be an entrepreneur with great ideas solving real problem or havingbackground of Biomedical, Marketing, Management, Teaching, Restaurant and Animation?  


Weare Looking for working partners !

Our Med-Tech,Educational, IT, Cartoon and Animation, online services and Restaurant based clients(startups and companies) ready with product and services with mentoring,guidance support (After the Due Diligence of the candidate)



Ifinterested you could reach out to us at or contact 9150917679 or 9150917569.


Position: Working Partner


Location: India



100%active director or as working partners.

Shouldnot be working anywhere else when joining as a working partner.

HaveDIN and DSC or has to be obtain.

Director indirect investment is not Must.



?    Provides day-to-day performance managementguidance to line management (e.g., coaching, counseling, career development,disciplinary actions).

?    Works closely with management and employees toimprove work relationships, build morale, and increase productivity andretention.

?    Provides guidance and input on business unitrestructures, workforce planning and succession planning.

?    Performs other related duties as assigned.



?    Excellent verbal and written communicationskills.

?    Excellent interpersonal and customer serviceskills.

?    Excellent organizational skills and attentionto detail.

?    Ability to comprehend, interpret, and apply theappropriate sections of applicable laws, guidelines, regulations, ordinances,and policies.

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